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People Counting System in Retail Stores

How does people counting benefit retail stores?

In brick-and-mortar retail market, businesses are missing the opportunity to optimize their performance, lower their costs, and finally increase the revenue caused by lacking shopper insights and professional analytics of shopper Journey.

People counting technology can help retailers to obtain a clear idea of shopper behavior and conversion rates, which are benefited for you to make the right business decisions, and finally drive your business growth.

Benefits and ROI

Improve the customer experience

Counting: Real-time traffic flow

Problem analysis: lack of resources supported during peak hours

Solution: Optimize staff schedule arrangement

Increase street-to-store conversion

Counting: pass-by traffic counting and store entering traffic counting

Problem analysis: more pass-by traffic, less store visitors

Solution: optimize the layout of out-of-store advertising

Increase visitor-to-customer conversion

Counting: visitors entering stores and customers via POS system

Problem analysis: more store visitors, less customers who make orders

Solutions: optimize the layout of in-store advertising; adjust marketing activities; train store staff in time

Improve purchase rate

Counting: customer behavior and heatmap

Problem analysis: higher attention, lower purchase rate in regions

Solution: develop effective store layout and display

Improve campaign conversion

Counting: count the numbers of visitors via marketing campaign

Problem analysis: high budget, low effect

Solutions: calculate the customer acquisition cost and adjust campaign plan

Maximum each store’s revenue

Counting: multi chain stores traffic counting and comparison

Problem analysis: lacking scientific and reasonable KPI setting for each branch based on different situation

Solutions: personalized KPI design; make and optimize the operation strategy for each store individually


Stereo 3D People Counter

Deepano People Counter (Model: T1-PCA01) is an intelligent network camera that integrates stereoscopic image collection, traffic analytics, and data transmission. Embedded with a 2.0T multi-core AI processor and 98% accuracy AI algorithm, it is widely used in retail stores to counting visitor’s flow, pass-by traffic, analyze customer behavior and heatmap in store.

Traffic Data Management Platform

Deepano Analytics Software is a web-based enterprise class software, which can be employed in client’s local server or cloud server. The software will gather counting analytic data and convert them to meaningful business valuable metrics for further analytics usage and reporting purpose.


We provide traffic data and other services for Watson national stores, also helps to build a headquarters data platform, and develop a new form of statement, which effectively enhance the operational decision-making capacity.

Deepano’s whole solution for Smart Retail

Deepano’s solutions have already serviced for more than 50,000 retail stores in the world.