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People Counting System in Shopping Mall

Improve the efficiency of your shopping mall areas by mastering the accurate customers behaviors from Entrance to Floor, to Store

For lacking accurate shopping mall visitors’ footfall data, mall managers face difficulties in attracting investment, mastering the real income of each store, designing the efficient marketing activities…

With the help of people counting system, which including people counting of entrance, hallways and key spaces, regional dwell and heatmap analytics, mall managers have the power to shape each customer’s journey, master their shopping behavior, manage the stores reasonably by combining POS revenue and real traffic people counting data, and finally improve the efficiency of shopping mall areas and increase the whole revenue.

Pain points of Shopping mall

Difficult to attract investment

Hard to master operations timely
Lacking favorable customer group portrait data to testify; The commercial positioning of the project is similar, with high-quality brands occupying a strong position, and project competitiveness is weak.Without accurate customers flow data as a support, and lacking the evaluation of business environment, it’s hard to master the operation status in time.

Rental income slows down

Difficulties in precision marketing
The minimum guaranteed rent has grown slowly, the negotiation is unfounded, and there is a lack of business environment assessment; It is difficult to obtain accurate  POS data, leading to control the loss ratio in difficulty.It’s hard to optimize the flow, adjust the stores in shopping malls; Marketing activities are aimed at a large customer base, so it is difficult to achieve the effect of accurate delivery.

Benefits of people counting for shopping mall

Realtime Traffic

Insights of numbers of people entering, exiting your mall, each store, walking by stores in real time.Grasp large market trend change, evaluate reasonable project performance, truly reflect event result.

Peak Hours

Weather and Holidays
Discover and prepare your power hours of your shopping mall for biggest sales chancesCompare and adjust the strategies according to the change of weather or the difference of each holiday.

Chain Comparison

Attract Tenant
Get insights of each chain store’s performance by combining footfall and pos data, adjust and provide the better location for stores with better performance.Turn traffic into revenue; reasonable rental fee increasing; monitor & manage pressure of operating stores, adjust display area, improve sales per square.

Customer Conversion

Staff Optimization
Understand the effectiveness of each store by checking how many of your visitors entering stores.Optimize staff operations in real time, satisfy the numbers of visitors and needs during peak hours.

Benefits of heatmap analytics for shopping mall

Customer Tracking

Merchandising Effectiveness
Track your customer movement in your shopping mall to understand what they are attracted to and where they are shopping inImprove marketing effectiveness and profit margins by analyzing the success of your events, campaigns in various locations of your shopping mall

Utilization of Limited Resources

Measure Anchor Occupancy
Have a clear insight of your customers’ path in each area and reasonably prepare the resources like security personnel, escalator, rest chairs and so on.Track how attractive your Anchor’s are for your customers. Measure the number of people visiting   your Food area, clothes area, so you can allocate rents of near by stores accordingly.

Recommended Products

Hardware: Stereo 3D People Counter
Deepano People Counter (Model: T1-PCA01) is an intelligent network camera that integrates stereoscopic image collection, traffic analytics, and data transmission. Embedded with a 2.0T multi-core AI processor and 98% accuracy AI algorithm, it is widely used in retail stores to counting visitor’s flow, pass-by traffic, analyze customer behavior and heatmap in store.
Software: Traffic Data Management Platform
Deepano Analytics Software is a web-based enterprise class software, which can be employed in client’s local server or cloud server. The software will gather counting analytic data and convert them to meaningful business valuable metrics for further analytics usage and reporting purpose.


As a supplier, Deepano has installed traffic counting syste mfor more than 300 Wanda Palzas since 2011, providing traffic counting data services for Wanda Group.

Deepano’s whole solution for Smart Retail

Deepano’s solutions have already serviced for more than 50,000 retail stores in the world.