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Edge AI Visual Computing Server(IVS8008-01)


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Edge AI Visual Computing Server(IVS8008-01)

MODEL: IVS8008-01

Product Introduction

This product is an industrial grade intelligent analysis device designed and developed for the intelligent upgrade of front-end ordinary network cameras, integrating various technologies such as audio and video decoding, data transmission, storage, and intelligent algorithms. It connects multiple ordinary network cameras to input videos and intelligently analyzes the objects appearing in the images. It mainly has functions such as facial capture, facial tracking, and facial recognition, outputs abnormal alarm signals, and realizes abnormal behavior alarms. The device is easy to deploy, easy to operate, and has strong environmental adaptability. Can be used for upgrading traditional security scenarios, community renovations, and other scenarios.

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Product Detail

Products Function

  1. Higher accuracy: deep learning algorithms that fit the scene
  2. Single channel supports multiple intelligent functions: detecting multiple models of a single video channel
  3. Flexible selection of scene schemes: Video scene schemes can be flexibly enabled according to needs
  4. Supporting flexible scalability of multi-level computing power: deploying cluster management and scaling of various network nodes
  5. Rich productization solutions: smart campus, smart fire protection, smart park, smart community, smart transportation, smart power
  6. Open Internet, End Cloud Integration: An open API interface that supports integration with other systems.

Products Feature

  • Smart fire protection
  1. Detect flames and smoke, immediately alert;
  2. Support outdoor detection;
  3. Generate alarms on the client side (such as in the monitoring room), push videos, activate high-volume fire alarms, and push other related systems;
  4. After the personnel confirm with one click, the fire alarm phone number will be automatically dialed;
  5. Push the current video from the camera to the security personnel, be aware of the details as soon as possible, and save the relevant video time period.
  • Smart communities, parks, and campuses
  1. Deep learning algorithms achieve high accuracy recognition of multiple targets;
  2. Identification parameter customization: time, region, etc;
  3. Specially suitable for high-precision outdoor personnel intrusion warning, it can eliminate false alarms caused by various outdoor disturbances such as wind, grass, rain, snow, wind, swaying leaves, and changes in light and shadow;
  4. In addition to walls, climbing detection can also be set up in other scenarios, suitable for various scenarios. By detecting the human body, false alarms are low for other animals and other scenes;
  5. Based on deep learning algorithms, detection rules are defined: the line in the field of view is drawn through a line to the wall. If the position of the foot is above the upper line of the wall, it is defined as climbing;
  6. Climbing detection rules support setting areas and parameter configuration;

Production Parameters

Processor 4 x ARM CortexA53@1.3G AI Processor
CNN Computational Power Support INT4 to 28.8Tops 4 TOPS
Size 215*200*49mm 36*150*181mm
Memory LPDDR4:2xLPDDR4X、2x2GB  4GB DDR4
Storage eMMC:8GB(32GB can choose) 32G EMMC, including 2.5-inch 1T hard drive
Interface 2 ,100M/1000M Ethernet interface, RJ45 interface Ethernet interface, USB interface, audio interface, HDMI interface, alarm interface
Ways 8~16 routes 8 routes
Supports Facial Features Face capture, face tracking, and face recognition Face capture, face tracking, and face recognition
Face Database 300 thousand 300 thousand
Work Environment -20°C 〜60°C 20°C 〜 60°C
Power Supply Method DC12V±10%,2A DC 12V, 3A


Application scenarios

It is suitable for the secondary AI transformation of original surveillance such as security, supermarkets, and communities



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