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Job Card Scanner(T1-BSA01)


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Job Card Scanner(T1-BSA01)


Product Introduction

As a new generation wearable code scanning solution, the work card Barcode reader is light and convenient for code scanning operation. It can quickly output the scanning results to mobile phones, PDAs, PADs, watches, PCs and other forms of equipment, simplify the data collection method, and improve the operating experience of front-line employees by freeing their hands and reducing the workload. Suitable for logistics express delivery, store management, pre warehouse picking, production and manufacturing quality inspection, e-commerce picking, medical consumables management, ticket collection fees, and other scenarios.

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Product Detail

Products Function

  1. Data can be collected through multiple channels such as one/two dimensional codes
  2. Accurate scanning is simplified and reading speed is faster
  3. Bluetooth real-time transmission, intelligent connection

Products Feature

  1. Small and delicate, lightweight and easier to carry
  2. Large battery capacity, more durable
  3. High level Bluetooth version with faster scanning speed
  4. Adapt to various forms of devices such as PDA, PAD, watch, PC, etc

Production Parameters

External Size 100*60.8*7mm (9.6mm at the protrusion of the scanning head)
Weight ~50g
CPU High performance embedded chip
Scan reading Supports 1D/2D code recognition
Keys 2 scanning buttons
Battery 700mAH lithium battery
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 ,supported BLE
Charging Interface Type-C
Speaker Supported
Vibration Supported
Indicator Light Prompt for Bluetooth connection, charging, scanning status, etc
Scanning Method Scan with keys or scan when the work card rope is pulled out
Industrial Grade Ip65
Humidity 5% to 95% RH ( No Condensation)
Working Temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Storage Temperature -30℃ to +70℃

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Application Scenario

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