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Deepano Modern Staff Attendance Solution for Cross-regional Company

Deepano Technology is the leading supplier of visual intelligence platform technology. The company is committed to providing excellent artificial intelligence visual platform technology and software & hardware solutions to accelerate artificial intelligence in smart office and help enterprises to manage the company and business more efficiently.

Record CardIC CardFingerprintMobile Phone
Traditional Staff Attendance Devices

Modern Face Recognition Attendance System

Difference and Advantages:

SystemRecord CardIC CardFingerprintMobile PhoneFace Recognition
ConvenienceRead a card, inconvenientPunch a card, inconvenientSwipe fingerprint, inconvenientOpen software, inconvenientAttendance without feeling
SpeedSlowestSlowSlowerSlow0.2s / persons
AccuracyAlternativeAlternativeMust staff himselfAlternativeMust staff himself
FunctionAttendance onlyAttendance + Access controlAttendance + Access controlAttendance onlyAttendance + Access control + Temp measurement
For COVIDNot suitableNot suitableNot suitablesuitableRecommended
Ongoing CostPaper costCard cost

Based on face recognition technology and its related devices, Deepano provides one modern staff attendance solution for Cross-regional Company.

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