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Fighting The COVID-19 | Nantong Development Zone Talent Enterprise Proposes AI Temperature Measurement Solution

From SARS to COVID-19, temperature measurement and personnel tracking are important means to prevent and control epidemics. As work resumes everywhere, offices, parks, and other workplaces line up to take temperature measurements. How to complete the temperature survey, reduce the impact on people’s normal work and life? and how to avoid the risk of virus transmission caused by queuing? Temperature measurement has become an important requirement for social recovery.

Deepano Technology, a national high-tech enterprise, a key talent enterprise in Nantong Development Zone, a leading provider of visual intelligence platform technology, the company is committed to providing excellent artificial intelligence visual platform technology and software and hardware solutions to accelerate artificial intelligence in smart phones, Productization and technological innovation in areas such as smart retail, smart campus, and smart security.

How to realize automatic temperature measurement

In nature, in addition to the light visible to human eyes (usually called visible light), there are also invisible light such as ultraviolet and infrared. Any object in nature with a temperature higher than absolute zero (-273掳C) radiates electromagnetic waves (infrared) at any time. Therefore, infrared is the most widespread electromagnetic wave in nature, and thermal infrared will not be absorbed by atmospheric smoke. With the rapid development of science and technology, using the characteristic of infrared, the combination of applied electronic technology and computer software and infrared technology is used to detect and measure thermal radiation. The size of the external radiant heat on the surface of the object, the thermal sensitive sensor obtains different heat differences, and through the processing of electronic technology and software technology, it presents images with different brightness or color differences, which is what we usually call infrared thermal imaging; the surface of the radiation source After the heat is converted by the thermal radiation algorithm, the conversion between thermal image and temperature is realized.

Use (infrared + visible light) to identify high-temperature people in the flow of people, and then use AI algorithm technology to assist various public places (train stations, bus stations, subway stations, airports, schools, etc.) based on the human body and face information of the suspected fever Workers in high-density personnel flow scenarios such as workplaces and buildings can quickly screen for persons with abnormal body temperature, realize non-contact intensive human flow AI-assisted temperature sensing solutions, and solve the efficiency and controllability of passage in open places after the epidemic has stabilized.

Deepano Team

Deepano Team

1. For traffic efficiency problems in crowded places, the temperature measurement time of the thermometer is less than 1 second, which will not cause congestion.

2. Solve the problem of heavy workload of staff.

3. Prevent staff from contacting suspected patients and reduce the risk of staff infection.

4. High product accuracy, low risk of false detection and missed detection.

5. Wireless remote data transmission, real-time display of data, to achieve information transparency.

6. It can be equipped with outdoor large-screen data display, which can realize the supervision of the whole people.

7. Flexible data storage, historical curve analysis at any time, to achieve big data monitoring and management.