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One of core businesses of Deepano: AI vision related products ODM

Deepano Technology started to provide ODM service since 2010 and owned well experience in AI vision related products designing, hardware & software development. The successful cases include AR Glasses, Multi-sensor commercial router, AI Translation stick, Trinocular panoramic camera and others.

1.Product Area

AI vision related products (camera products based on artificial intelligence algorithms)

2.Custom Content

  • Industrial design (ID) and mechanism design (MD): the design of product shape
  •  Hardware (HD) design: including the design and development of chips, peripheral interfaces, processors, displays and other hardware
  • Software (SW) design

3.Product Delivery

Way One: Open BOM (Delivery BOM of product only, and client arranges to produce) —License authorization
Way Two: Hardware delivery

  • PCBA delivery (Motherboard + Software)—-Deepano arranges to produce
  • Product delivery —- Deepano arranges to produce (including package, sticker, certificate and so on)

ODM Cases

1.AR Glasses solution

Product Introduction:

  • Near-eye display module
  •  USB connection to various mobile terminals
  • Face detection and recognition, black and white lists

Application Scenario: security, bank, hotel, property management

Matched devices:




Law enforcement instrument

Industry terminal

Walkie talkie

2.AI Translation stick

  • Widely support a variety of language materials to meet different translation needs;
  • Built-in double authoritative dictionary, rigorous and accurate translation content;
  • Powerful chip + cutting-edge AI algorithm;
  • Bluetooth one-key connection, query results are obtained synchronously Translation among English, French, Spanish and Chinese freely. English to Japanese; English to Korean; Others.

Children’s Picture Book

Original novel

Paper Information

Newspapers and magazines

Test paper

Walkie talkie

3.Multi-sensor commercial router

4.Trinocular panoramic camera