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Electronic Price Tag(T9-ESN01/T9-ESN02)


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Electronic Price Tag(T9-ESN01/T9-ESN02)


Product Introduction

It is a wireless communication device used for displaying products in smart retail stores, which can replace traditional paper price tags to display product information. It adopts low-power dedicated chips, which have the characteristics of high reliability, high performance, high integration, and clear display. Electronic price tag communication base station, which can centrally manage electronic price tags in the store and support remote one click price change on the backend, improving employee price change efficiency

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Product Detail

Products Function

  1. Low power dedicated chip with high reliability, high performance, and clear display
  2. Centralized management, supporting remote backend one click price change

Products Feature

  1. High security, multiple encryption methods ensure security
  2. Intelligent upgrade, supporting continuous iterative optimization of business, and improving user experience
  3. Strong human-computer interaction
  4. Real time task management to enhance the core business operation ability of the store

Production Parameters

T9-ESN01(example: 1.54’)
External Size 46.7*35.8* 10mm
Weight 15.9g
Appearance Color White
Resolution Ratio 200*200
Display Color Black,white and red
NFC Optional
Battery 10 years (updated twice a day)
Working Temperature 0-40℃


External Size 40*88*16mm
Weight 40g
Processor AI Processor
Storage 256MB ROM + 512MB RAM
Operating System Linux4.1
RF Operating Frequency 2402MHz ~ 2480MHz
Power 5V
Working Temperature 0-50℃

Application Scenario

Supermarket / Shopping Mall

Goods Shelves


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