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Deepano's Business

Deepano technology's business divides into three parts: 

Development & Distribution


Solution Consultation

Business One

Edge AI vision products development, manufacturing, and distribution

Deepano AIoT vision products are well exported to domestic and overseas markets by cooperating with local distributors. Main markets include Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, France, Russia, US and others.

Business Two

OEM & ODM service in AI vision products regions

Deepano Technology started to provide ODM service since 2010 and owned well experience in AI vision related products designing, hardware & software development. The successful cases include AR Glasses, Multi-sensor commercial router, AI Translation stick, Trinocular panoramic camera and others.

AR Glasses solution
  • Near-eye display module
  • USB connection to various mobile terminals
  • Face detection and recognition, black and white lists
  • Application Scenario: security, bank, hotel, property management
AI Translation stick
  • Widely support a variety of language materials to meet different translation needs;
  • Built-in double authoritative dictionary, rigorous and accurate translation content;
  • Powerful chip + cutting-edge AI algorithm; Bluetooth one-key connection, query results are obtained synchronously
  • Translation among English, French, Spanish and Chinese freely. English to Japanese; English to Korean; Others.
Multi-sensor commercial router
  • Based on artificial intelligence
  • Strong WIFI coverage
  • Multi-sensors
  • Structured data output
  • Industrial design applied in offline commercial places
Trinocular panoramic camera
  • Own stitching, rendering and projection algorithms to solve 360-degree panorama
  • Leading implementation of real-time Omnidirectional (360-degree) camera system based on Movidius VPU chip
  • Ten thousand people are online stably, 4K resolution
  • Unique three-camera structure, providing no distortion and high image quality
  • Independent live broadcast without mobile phone or PC
  • AI extensions such as face recognition and voice control
  • Leading 3D depth of field technology, supporting real-time 3D panoramic modeling in the future.

Business Three

With the use of AI + Visual Technology, Deepano’s products and solutions have been widely used in different regions. Been empovered with AI elements, Smart Retail, Smart Business, Smart Buildings, Smart Community, Intelligent Logistics and Smart Government are building….

Smart Retail

Deepano smart retail solutions includes people counting, touchless fever detection, ESL system, interactive ads system, smart shelf management, access control, time attendance, clerk service management and monitoring…

Smart Business

Deepano smart business solution contains people counting, contactless temperature measurement, AI interactive ads, Access control, time attendance and intelligent monitoring….

Smart Community

Smart community solution includes temp measuring and detection, intelligent monitoring and face access control.

Smart Government

People counting is used in museum, library, exhibition. As well, Deepano provides solutions like Fever detection, monitoring, access control, attendance and service monitoring of government officials.

Smart Buildings

Deepano Smart Building solutions, based on AI visual technology, provide COVID-19 protection solution, smart monitoring, people counting, access control, staff attendance, interactive Ads and other solutions.

Intelligent Logistics

Intelligent Logistics solutions conbines COVID-19 temperature detection, smart monitoring, access control, time attendance and scanner together.