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Smart People Counting Camera (T1-PCA02)


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Smart People Counting Camera (T1-PCA02)


Product Introduction

The product adopts a unique embedded appearance design, which has a beautiful appearance and minimal impact on decoration. At the same time, in a very small volume, a domestic multi-core Al processor is embedded, and high-precision 2D/3D Al passenger flow analysis algorithm is integrated. It provides attribute recognition function and accurately calculates individual passenger flow; Leading in the industry in accuracy, strong adaptability to scenarios, flexible deployment architecture, very suitable for scenarios such as supermarkets, brand chains, and tourist attractions; Scenarios in the field of public passenger flow, such as subway airport stations, parks and exhibition halls, and government offices.

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Product Detail

Products Function

  1. Built in dual core AI processor, inference performance up to 2.0 TOPS
  2. Built in high-precision AI passenger flow analysis algorithm, including pedestrian detection, pedestrian tracking, and other algorithms, supporting real-time
  3.  pedestrian trajectory analysis, etc
  4. Supports multiple focal lengths

Products Feature

  1. Compact appearance and convenient installation
  2. Embedded intelligent algorithm
  3. Wide installation height range
  4.  High accuracy of comprehensive scenario passenger flow statistics
  5.  The product covers a wide range
  6. The product has low requirements for the working environment


Production Parameters

Deepano has already released three different types of people counting network cameras, which can satisfy different requirements from end-users. They are People Counter (Model: T1-PCA01), Accurate people counter (Model: T1-PCA02) and TOF People Counter (Model: T1-FRA03).
Processor AI Processor AI Processor AI Processor
Computational Power 2.0 TOPS  

1.0 TOPS


1.2 TOPS
Sensor 1/2.8 “Starlight level CMOS 1/1.8 “Starlight level CMOS 1/2.0 “Starlight level CMOS
Storage 1GB DDR3+8GB eMMC (other 16GB/64GB/128GB options) 1GB DDR3+8GB eMMC 1GB DDR3+8GB eMMC
Focal Length Supports multiple focal lengths: 1.1mm, 2.1mm, 2.8mm Fixed focus: 2.1, 2.8, 4, 8mm Zoom: 7-22mm NA
Video Compression Supports H.264 real-time dual stream video compression, with maximum 1080p@30fps + 768×512@30fps Upports H.264/H.265 real-time video compression, 720P@25fps 1080P@25fps 320* 240@30fps
Video Transmission Supports ONVIF protocol and RTSP/RTP/RTCP streaming protocol Supports RTSP/RTP/RTCP streaming media transmission  NA
Intelligent Algorithms Algorithms such as pedestrian detection and tracking support real-time pedestrian trajectory analysis Built in algorithms such as pedestrian detection, pedestrian tracking, facial detection, and facial capture; NA
Business Capability Statistics of inbound and outbound passenger flow, passenger flow through stores, analysis of regional attention, and statistics of stopping heat maps, etc Support detection, tracking, and facial capture of pedestrian targets;

Support standard passenger flow statistics and individual passenger flow capture (facial capture, individual attributes)

Statistics of inbound and outbound passenger flow
Network Interface RJ45 interface, supporting 10/100Mbps adaptation RJ45 interface, supporting 10/100Mbps adaptation RJ45 interface, RS485 interface
Work Environment Temperature: -20~70 ℃ Humidity:<93% Temperature: -25-55 ° C Humidity:<93% Temperature: -30~60 ° C
Power Supply Method DC 12V, POE DC 12V, POE DC 12

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