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Multiple products of Deepano Technology have obtained CE certification, FCC certification, and 3C certification

Recently, the face recognition attendance machine, face recognition webcam, edge computing box, and handheld thermometric face all-in-one machine in the product array of Deepano (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. (brand: Dipai Technology) have obtained CE, FCC, and 3C certification respectively.

The certificates obtained for the product are as follows

1. CE&FCC certified product: facial recognition attendance machine
2. CE certified product: facial recognition gun machine
3. 3C certified product: edge computing box
4. 3C certified product:Handheld temperature measurement integrated machine

Related Information

What is CE certification?

The full name of CE represents CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE. The basic safety requirements are limited to the safety of products that do not endanger human, animal, and goods, rather than general quality requirements. The coordination directive only specifies the main requirements, and the general directive requirements are standard tasks. Therefore, the accurate meaning is that the CE mark is a safety conformity mark rather than a quality conformity mark. It is the ‘main requirement’ that constitutes the core of the European Directive. The “CE” mark is a safety certification mark that is considered a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. In the EU market, the “CE” mark is a compulsory certification mark. Whether products produced by enterprises within the EU or products produced in other countries, if they want to circulate freely in the EU market, they must be affixed with the “CE” mark to indicate that the products meet the basic requirements of the EU New Methods for Technical Coordination and Standardization. This is a mandatory requirement of European Union law for products. In other words, products that can obtain CE certification have a pass to enter the European market. In the Chinese market, CE certification means that the coefficients of safety and quality are much higher than the industry level. CE certification is a safety certification standard that is not limited to general quality requirements, but also has higher safety requirements for humans, animals, and the environment. The EU has a large number of laws, regulations, and coordinated standards, and the content is also very complex. Due to the high technical difficulty and complex and lengthy certification process of EU CE certification.

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What is FCC certification?

The full name of FCC is the Federal Communications Commission, and the Chinese name is the Federal Communications Commission of the United States. It was established by COMMUNICATIONACT in 1934 as an independent agency in the United States and is directly responsible to the Congress. Many wireless application products, communication products, and digital products require FCC approval to enter the US market. The FCC committee investigates and studies various stages of product safety to find solutions to problems, and FCC certification also includes testing of radio devices, aircraft, and so on.

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What is 3C certification?

The China Compulsory Certification (CCC) system, also known as the “Compulsory Product Certification System,” is a mandatory product certification and market access conformity assessment system in China. It is a product qualification judgment system formulated and implemented by the Chinese government in accordance with national laws to ensure consumer and national safety, strengthen product quality management, and implement it. According to relevant regulations, products listed in the 3C certification product catalog must be evaluated to meet relevant safety standards and labeled with the 3C logo before they can be manufactured, sold, imported, or used in other business activities.

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