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The Smart Retail Journey of Deepano Technology: The Future of Digital Shelves and Out of Stock Detection has Come!

Improve enterprise operational efficiency through artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and data (Data), and help retailers and brands understand each customer. Driven by this concept, digital shelves have emerged as a product.

The 2019 China All Retail Conference kicked off on November 7th in Qingdao. The conference will discuss the theme of “Retail Layout for the Next Year and Next Decade”. On the basis of analyzing many uncertainties in the short and medium to long term, explore deterministic trends, avoid directional risks, seize strategic opportunities, and achieve sustainable development of the industry and enterprises.

During the conference, Hanshuo Technology, a leading global provider of digital store solutions, held a joint new product launch event, with digital shelf solutions particularly attracting attention. As a partner of Hanshuo Technology, Deepano (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. has undertaken the hardware development of edge devices in the solution.

Hanshuo Technology was established in 2012, with its headquarters located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, and its R&D and management center located in Beijing. Mainly serving traditional retail, new retail, department store fashion, medicine and health, culture and entertainment, and other fields. By providing digital, efficient, and experiential store solutions and services, we help customers establish core competitive advantages. We provide electronic price tag products and digital store solutions to over 10000 stores in over 50 countries and regions worldwide, with a domestic retail top 100 market share of over 60%.

Han Shuo believes that the future of retail is centered around users and continuously deepening digital capabilities. Improve enterprise operational efficiency through artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and data (Data), and help retailers and brands understand each customer. Driven by this concept, digital shelves have emerged as a product.

The digital shelf plays a great role in the application scenario of out of stock detection! “Han Shuo’s idea coincides with Deepano Technology. Deepano Technology was founded in 2016 as a national high-tech enterprise and is a leading provider of visual intelligence platform technology in China. Di Pai believes that the immediacy of fast-moving consumer goods determines the majority of sales through offline physical channels. In China, multiple terminal channels coexist and have strong regional characteristics. The large number and excessive dispersion of terminals make it difficult for brand merchants to accurately monitor the display and replenishment of goods. Traditional human resources statistics lack visual reports, and work efficiency is low and data accuracy is poor. Edge devices with AI image recognition technology can solve these problems.

Han Shuo and Deepano have had multiple discussions on technical issues related to the landing application scenario of digital shelves. In the end, both parties chose to walk side by side, and Di Pai was responsible for providing Han Shuo with the AI cameras required for digital shelves. This camera is based on a combination of deep neural network algorithms and visual intelligence chips, utilizing embedded computer vision technology to monitor shelf goods, greatly reducing the time required for store replenishment and improving accuracy, as well as improving human efficiency and inventory turnover. Obtained and analyzed offline data including out of stock rate, distribution rate, and display visibility. This provides objective basis for businesses to quickly and accurately adjust their business decisions. These AI cameras do not rely on the network and can work offline, solving the problem of weak signal and poor network coverage in remote stores and underground supermarkets; The built-in artificial intelligence chip can perform image processing on the device side, solving the problem of uploading a large amount of redundant data; Providing 2T of computing power for deep learning related training and recognition has solved the problem of learning and training for new personnel on products.

The future of out of stock detection belongs to digital shelves! “At least Han Shuo and Di Pai firmly believe.

For fast-moving consumer goods retail, the visually impactful display of goods on the shelves plays a role in promoting consumers’ impulsive consumption. Hanshuo Technology utilizes artificial intelligence hardware to empower shelves, while retaining shelf functionality, playing an important role in shortage detection, reducing the heavy labor costs of high repetitive work in tallying and restocking for stores. Together with Deepano Technology, they have delivered perfect answers in the practice of AI+new retail.