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Deepano Technology Dialogue Jianghai Elite Unicorn Forum

In order to accelerate the implementation of the talent internationalization strategy, promote the transformation and upgrading of the regional economy, and further build a comprehensive platform for the gathering of talents, projects, capital and other elements, the three-day “New Era, Competing for the Future” 2019 China Nantong Jianghai Talent Entrepreneurship Week will be held in November. The grand opening was held in Nantong International Conference Center on the morning of the 12th. Deepano Technology has the honor to participate in the event as a guest company.

This Entrepreneurship Week invites experts and professors from key universities at home and abroad, industry unicorn companies, global entrepreneurs, first-line investment institutions, entrepreneurial mentors, and outstanding young entrepreneurs to participate.

Before the conference, several experts, and entrepreneurs, including academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of West Lake University Shi Yigong, expressed their best wishes to the organizers for the Jianghai Talents Entrepreneurship Week through video.

Lu Zhipeng, Secretary of Nantong Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech. Hong Hao, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, delivered a speech. Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Nanjing University Chen Hongyuan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dean of Zhejiang University Advanced Mathematics Institute Li Jianshu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Jinping Ou, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Neuroregeneration Gu Xiaosong, Academician of European Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences Lv Yonglong, deputy director of the Ecological Environment Research Center, leaders and experts from more than 100 universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, as well as Xu Huimin, the mayor of Nantong, Huang Weidong, chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress Zhuang Zhongqiu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, and Shen Lei, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee attended the meeting. Yuan Yue, a member of the Shanghai Decision Advisory Committee, co-founder of Pegasus Travel, and chairman of Horizon Youshu, and Wu Xiaobo, a financial writer, gave keynote speeches at the meeting.

On the afternoon of November 14, Li Xiang, chairman of Deepano Technology, was invited to participate in the important theme activity of Entrepreneurship Week-“2019 Jianghai Yingcai. Unicorn Forum” as the “Jiangsu Double Innovation Talent”.

He also participated in the “6+1” Future Unicorn Jianghai Roundtable as a guest of dialogue. The meeting was hosted by the Nantong Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Nantong Municipal People’s Government, and jointly organized by the Organization Department of Nantong Municipal Party Committee, Nantong Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Nantong Financial Bureau, Maker Commune and other units. The meeting invited unicorn CEOs and entrepreneurs from East China A total of about 200 guests, including the CEO of Xinrui, the founder of first-line investment institutions, representatives of financial institutions, the founder/CEO of Jianghai Yingcai, the person in charge of the selected “Provincial Double Innovation” enterprise, and the person in charge of Nantong “3+3+N” Discussions and exchanges on topics such as the development of horns, innovative practices, capital investment and cultivation, and joint exploration of “the way to cultivate unicorns”.

At the meeting, the host talked about “Nuggets To B market, where are the opportunities for entrepreneurs?”, “Judgement of industry trends in 2020 and the warmth of the venture capital circle?”, and “How to break through the ceiling of corporate management?” Questions and six outstanding corporate leaders had a fruitful dialogue.

In the dialogue about the new logic of enterprise development under the cold winter of capital, Li Xiang, chairman of Deepano Technology, pointed out: “In the environment of cold capital, enterprises must not only do internal work, but also increase revenue and reduce expenditure. At the same time, in the past two years, if enterprises If you can accumulate your energy to make products, you will likely get rapid development after the economy recovers.”

Nantong, as one of the key cities in the Yangtze River Delta Demonstration Zone, is attracting global technology companies with its rapid development speed and high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship environment. Deepano Technology has felt the support and warm care of the Nantong government during its three-year development, and is extremely optimistic about the future development of Nantong as the “North Gate of Shanghai”.