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Deepano Technology’s “DP100 Intelligent Glasses Appear” 2019 Smart Public Safety Conference

On the morning of November 13, 2019, the two-day “2019 China Nanjing Smart Public Safety Conference” officially opened at the Nanjing International Expo Center. This conference is hosted by the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Public Security, and the China Artificial Intelligence Society, and organized by the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Jianye District People’s Government, and other units. With the theme of “gathering innovative wisdom and leading a safe future”, the conference focused on major cutting-edge issues of smart public security, and held a series of summit forums to actively promote the theoretical innovation and practical development of intelligent public security management through academic discussions, work exchanges, and achievements display. At the conference, three academicians of the CAE Member (Li Deyi, Ni Guangnan, Dai Qionghai) made keynote speeches, opening a series of summit forums. Di Pai (Shanghai) The smart glasses of Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the Smart Public Safety Achievement Exhibition held at the conference. The venue area of the achievement exhibition is 10000 square meters, and more than 70 well-known industry names and enterprises, including the Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, China Information and Communication Technology Group Co., Ltd., China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Huawei, Hikvision, Dahua, iFlytek, Inspur Group, and China Science and Technology Shuguang, participated in the exhibition.

DP100 professional intelligent glasses from Dipai Technology are equipped with high-performance Intel MV2450 artificial intelligence acceleration chip, near eye display module, and USB connection to various mobile terminals, achieving functions such as facial detection and recognition, black and white list, etc. It can be matched with industry terminals such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, law enforcement devices, walkie talkies, etc., and is suitable for scenarios such as security, banking, hotels, water conservancy and electricity, railways, industries, scenic spots, museums, property management, etc.