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Deepano Technology Releases A New Face Recognition And Temperature Measurement All-in-one Terminal

Countries around the world are plagued by the new crown epidemic. Under the anxiety of epidemic prevention and control, artificial intelligence temperature measurement technology has begun to enter the public eye.

In order to allow people to work and live as normal as possible, Deepano Technology independently developed a new 7-inch face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine AITP04, which makes better use of artificial intelligence recognition technology to monitor people’s body temperature. The effect of non-proliferation. For the performance of the Deepano AITP04 model, “infrared temperature measurement + face recognition” can meet the urgent needs of the global public health system in the event of an outbreak.

Nowadays, in subway stations, high-speed rail stations, airports, and other transportation hubs, in campuses, parks, communities and other commercial and residential living environments, many security checkpoints, entrances and exits are equipped with cameras, and managers are looking at the screens behind them. When a passerby passes by, the screen will display an infrared image. When an abnormal body temperature occurs, face recognition technology can promptly assist managers to intercept passersby suspected of high temperature in order to better perform temperature control operations.

Body temperature measurement VS infrared temperature measurement camera

Deepano Technology’s face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine is based on a high-performance artificial intelligence chip. With the support of powerful computing power and face recognition algorithms, it also integrates a high-resolution thermal imaging module and an AI face recognition system. Compared with the traditional body temperature screening method, the monitoring is faster, and it can detect 60-80 people within 1 minute, with an average speed of 1 second per person. The detection distance can be as far as 1.5 meters to ensure the distance between people, which is more secure. It can realize the identification and warning of people who do not wear masks, abnormal body temperature, etc., with an error of plus or minus 0.3°C. Support mask monitoring, there will be an alarm if you don’t wear a mask. Compared with ordinary gun-camera temperature measurement, it can better improve the work efficiency of inspectors, and more quickly relieve the dense crowd in public places. It is more intimate to avoid the risk of cross-infection of staff due to close monitoring. Deepano Technology’s AI temperature measurement all-in-one machine is based on infrared temperature measurement to better realize non-inductive detection and recognition, high-efficiency passage and high-temperature intelligent warning.

Access control, attendance & face recognition to meet the needs of enterprises and institutions under the epidemic

The post-epidemic requirement must be body temperature measurement + face recognition. The temperature measurement and face recognition integrated machine of Deepano Technology uses binocular cameras to support face anti-counterfeiting and prevent fraudulent use of other people’s face photos and videos. Built-in advanced face recognition algorithm and recognition speed: less than 200ms/person, recognition accuracy: greater than 99.9%. In vivo recognition is as low as 0.01% error rate, and the success rate of mask recognition is greater than 95%. It has a local 50,000 large-capacity image library to ensure that the recognition speed is fast and the crowd is wide. High-quality ISP (Image Signal Processing) with adaptive face automatic exposure technology, which can provide high-quality face images even in high-contrast light environments (for example, entrances under sunlight or dim nights) .

The temperature measurement and face recognition all-in-one machine released by Deepano Technology uses infrared cameras to accurately measure temperature to meet the needs of precise prevention and control, and is used in various scenes such as subways, train stations, airports, communities, and campuses. In the field of smart office, it provides multi-faceted application modules including access control, attendance, sign-in, management, etc. It can also provide customized services to meet the needs of different industries. “Profoundly implement the powerful instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping “persist in working together to tackle key problems in the traceable, diagnosable, preventable, curable, and controllable aspects of the epidemic”, and actively realize and take into account the normalization of the post-epidemic era and assist in the construction of public cities and economic construction. Wisdom, being able to effectively contribute to the improvement of social and economic benefits is the core and fundamental direction of technology companies” said Li Xiang, chairman of Deepano Technology.

Deepano Technology, a national high-tech enterprise, is a leading provider of AI vision intelligence platform technology. The company focuses on the development of deep learning and embedded computer vision technology, the combination of deep neural network-based algorithms and visual intelligence chips, and is committed to providing excellent artificial intelligence vision platform technology and software and hardware solutions, as well as AR/VR technology in multimedia Applications. Products include: AI vision hardware modules, AI edge computing devices, rich industry applications and cloud service backends, and AR/VR application solutions. Accelerate the productization and technological innovation of artificial intelligence in the fields of smart phones, smart retail, smart security, and smart education. Deepano Technology has R&D centers in Zhangjiang, Shanghai and Nantong, Jiangsu, and production centers in Shenzhen. It is a strategic partner of Intel, Foxconn and other famous enterprises in the industry. The company’s core team comes from industry-leading companies such as Lenovo (Shanghai) Research Institute, Howe Technology, Longcheer, etc., with more than 15 years of experience in intelligent product engineering, and is also one of the earliest teams engaged in the research and development of Andriod systems and AI core technologies.