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Fingerprint Lock(T4-SLA02)


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Fingerprint Lock(T4-SLA02)


Product Introduction

Adopting a high-precision fingerprint acquisition module, it can quickly and accurately complete the verification and ultimately unlock the lock. Fingerprint authentication has the advantages of accuracy, speed, and convenience, eliminating the hassle of carrying keys with you, thus truly achieving high level of convenient management, low power consumption, rapid anti disassembly alarm/trial and error alarm/low battery alarm, and network security with peace of mind. Widely applicable to rental housing, public rental housing, dormitories, offices, apartments and other application scenarios.

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Product Detail

Products Function

  1. Beauriful Appearance
  2. Dry cell is easier to replace
  3. Up to 100 local records
  4. Wide range of working environment

Products Feature

  1. Accurate and fast fingerprint authentication
  2. Low-frequency power consumption rate
  3. Trial and error alarm
  4. High-precision fingerprint acquisition module

Production Parameters

External Size 364*76 * 28mm
Shape Straight
Lock Body 6068 mechanical lock body, electronic lock body and mechanical lock body are optional
Lock Bolt 304 stainless steel (oblique tongue+square tongue)
Lock core C-level anti-theft lock cylinder
Material Zinc aluminum alloy structural components
Touch Panel Process IML
Keyhole Hidden mechanical keyhole
Mechanical key 2 pieces
Swap Left and right Handles Supported
Anti-lock Supported
Applicable Door Type Wooden doors, iron doors
Suitable for Door Thickness 5mm ≤ door thickness ≤ 95mm (doors with a thickness less than 45mm and more than 95mm can be customized)

Color Choice

Starry Sky Grey

Champagne Gold

Red Ancient Bronze

Redware Bronze


Application Scenario

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