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Structured light face recognition module(M1-3DA01)


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Structured light face recognition module(M1-3DA01)


Product Introduction

It integrates high-precision devices such as laser emitters, infrared cameras, RGB color cameras, and adopts a dual core 1.5Ghz CPU. It can be widely used in facial payment devices, security access control devices, intelligent door locks, robots, etc. Combined with facial recognition algorithms, it can achieve facial live detection and effectively prevent planar attacks (such as photo, video, paper mask bending, etc.) as well as most ordinary material masks, models, and other attacks.

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Product Detail

Products Function

  1. Live detection function
  2. Fast and accurate facial recognition
  3. Recognition distance

Products Feature

  1. Live detection, effective anti-counterfeiting
  2. High security
  3. Low power consumption, small size

Production Parameters

External Size 54.5*21.2*11.6mm
Scope of Work 30- 120cm
Support Height 1.2 m~2 m
Depth FOV Horizontal:50.9°,Vertical: 68.2°
Color FOV Horizontal:46.8°,Vertical: 60.3°
Depth Accuracy 1mm@40cm, 3mm@100cm
Transmission Interface 24 and 30PIN connectors/USB2.0
Operating System Linux, Windows, Android
Illuminant Infrared LED/Infrared Dot Matrix Laser
Working Temperature DC12V


Application Scenario

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