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Intelligent Voice Badge(T2-SVA01/T2-SVA02)


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Intelligent Voice Badge(T2-SVA01/T2-SVA02)


Product Introduction

Speech analysis products, divided into speech collectors and speech analysis platforms; It is an artificial intelligence analysis system based on speech recognition technology, which can collect staff conversations for customer complaint tracing, and evaluate the standardization of service language. It can guide employees to provide more standardized services to customers and improve their own service quality. The voice collector adopts the form of a work card and comes with a built-in WiFi, which uploads voice files to the server during charging, making it convenient to use; Voice Type-C charging, Speech processing, transmission and other functions; The voice analysis platform allows users to access and query analysis reports. The entire product has industry-leading speech recognition accuracy, strong adaptability to scenarios, flexible deployment architecture, and is suitable for frontline service windows such as retail and government affairs.

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Product Detail

Products Function

  1. Small size, lightweight, and easy to carry
  2. Diversified customization of appearance
  3. Long and flexible activation of recording time
  4. High data Factor of safety, independent identification and security Combination lock

Products Feature

  1. Voice acquisition, voice acquisition encryption, and voice change
  2. Supports breakpoint transmission, cache forwarding, delete upon use, and encrypted transmission
  3. Automatic speech recognition, automatic language processing, voiceprint recognition
  4. Script analysis and Data and information visualization to effectively assist business analysis

Production Parameters

External Size 26*70*6mm
Weight 17.5g
Interface Type-c
Storage 8GB
Battery 220mAh
Endurance aboout 10 hours
Battery Charging 2 hours
Operating Temperature -5 to 45℃
Working mode Voice controlled recording
Signal-to-noise ratio >70db


Model T2-SVA02
External Size 250*135*118mm
Weight 110g
Interface  RJ45/USB/HDMI
Storage 16GB
Battery 10000mAh
Endurance about 22 hours
Number of Accessible Collectors 16
Operating System Android 7
Power 12V/5A
Date Transmission WIFI or 100M Ethernet


Application Scenario


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