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Thermography temperature measurement fixed firearm bolt(T1-TMN01)


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Thermography temperature measurement fixed firearm bolt(T1-TMN01)


Product Introduction

Supports simultaneous temperature measurement by multiple people, with a temperature measurement range of 1-4 meters and can be used 24/7 throughout the entire stage. It has functions such as contactless measurement, abnormal alarm, background voice broadcast, and high temperature measurement accuracy, and is widely used in public places such as airports, stations, subways, shopping malls, schools, etc. that require rapid and intensive screening of body temperature and concentrated pedestrian flow.

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Product Detail

Products Function

  1. Contactless precise temperature measurement
  2. Abnormal alarm function
  3. Can accommodate multiple people to simultaneously measure temperature

Products Feature

  1. Temperature measurement range up to 4 meters away
  2. All day use
  3. Widely used

Production Parameters

External Size 235*136*92mm
Temperature Measurement Distance 1-4 meters
Lens Temperature range 35-38 ° C, accuracy ± 0.3 ° C
Temperature Measurement Range and Accuracy Focal length: 3.2mm
Storage Built in EMMC storage, capable of storing up to 100000 temperature measurement records
Image Sensor  1/2.8” CMOS
Field of View Angle Horizontal viewing angle 84°, vertical viewing angle 45°
Face Capture Built-in deep learning AI algorithm, supporting simultaneous detection of 20 images
Temperature Abnormal Alarm Voice alarm for abnormal body temperature
Power DC12V
Network interface 10/100BaseT Ethernet, RJ45 interface
Alarm Interface Supports the output of on-off alarm signals and can be linked to external audible and visual alarms
Audio Video Interface Supports 1-channel HDMI high-definition audio and video output
Working Temperature -10°C~35°C


Application Scenario

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