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Deepano Smart Digital Office Solution based on Face Recognition Technology

The office is used for enterprises to operate and do business, also the place for employees to work in. Current office usually includes some parts like Gate, Front Disk, Waiting room, Exhibition area, Meeting rooms, Working areas, R&D centers, Management room and other areas. How to run the office efficiently? How to face and solve some existing problems as below:

1. How to manage employees’ attendance more efficiently and quickly?

2. How to manage the usage of meeting rooms reasonably?

3.How to receive visitors more friendly and accurately?

4. How to automatically open-close door without touch and ensure the security?

5. …

Office GateFront diskWaiting roomMeeting rooms
Working areasR&D centersExhibition areaManagement rooms

Facing the requirements from office, based on the AI face recognition technology, Deepano provide all-in-one stop solution including hardware, software system.

Details of Deepano solution:

Office gateOpen the door by face.Visit cannot open the door without face registration.Monitor and measure the staff and visitors’ temperature.Record the staff’s attendance.
Front diskReal time monitoring the visitors from facial terminal.Judge the visitors scheduled or not.Lead the scheduled visitors to the referred meeting room and notify the related staff.Bring unscheduled visitors to waiting room and notify the related staff.
Meeting RoomShow the schedule of meeting room.Attendance for conference.
R&D centerPrevent leakage of technical information and manage the staffs to enter R&D center, only scheduled staff can be allowed to enter.